Sneaky Redirect Software

Sneaky Redirect Software hides under the radar from Google while ranking pages for you that You can redirect without Google being none the wiser.

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Fast and easy

This software could not be easier to use.  Honestly.  Drop your URL in, click a button,  that is it.

Auto Insert

Yes, we have you covered there as well, the software will take the snippet and auto include it in the header of your htm, html, and txt files

And NO 3rd party redirected links everything is done directly in your files.

Join the Gurus

Jump on board with the rest of the gurus that have been outranking you for so many terms and redirect that SEO traffic where you need it most. Your Business!!

Sneaky Redirect Works with All Browsers

Cloud Based to access from any device


This tool allows you to create a hidden redirect on any page you have HTML access to.  We have been using this privately for a number of years for mass page building and other types of pages where we want to index as many pages as possible and keep those indexed while sending the traffic through those clicks to targeted offers or landing pages.

The idea is simple

You create pages that you want to be ranked on Google.   Google spiders the content and indexes everything you give it, however, Big G is none the wiser about the hidden redirect on that page so it not only keeps that page indexed but you can direct that traffic to ANY page on the internet.

Full Disclosure: There is 1 other product that I know of that has similar functionality built-in that does this type of redirect. I own that product and I’ve been doing this a year before I bought the product. We just wanted to put that out there in case someone says something like “Hey don’t you own XYZ and they have that”…  Yes I do and I was doing this long before that tool was released and before I even knew it was a tool.

What makes this software different

This tool does not rely on 3rd party websites like other tools on the market. It’s completely footprint-free and because we do not use 3rd party scripts and domains to create these SEO friendly redirects they are even faster and more secure than other products that may have similar features to our tool.

Affiliate Marketer, Product Creator or just want to hide your redirection?

Ever have an issue where a link is not allowed within a web site such as “Certain affiliate networks” links in Facebook, or any other links for that matter.  It can be such a pain in the rear to get a link to work in some sites.

Maybe you just want to hide the affiliate link in a page and have it auto-redirect for you to the target site or landing page?

Let me present to you
Sneaky Redirect Software


Create your redirection or Masked Page URL Code


1. Insert any link you want a page to be redirected to and it will display the javascript to add to your header betweenandof  your HTML, HTM, or PHP file 100% encrypted (and 100% hidden from Google and other spiders that scan the page)  *shown in the video above

This Allows the HTML of the page to display to the scanning service like Facebook, Google, Bing, and others While hiding the redirect in the encrypted javascript which is not executed in the scanning process.

Mass add redirection code to Unlimited number of files

2. If you prefer to mass add the code to numerous files HTML, HTM, PHP, TXT are supported and Unlimited number of folders deep.

It will automatically place the encrypted javascript redirect in the head area of the HTML for you.

Meta Tag Generator Included

We decided to put in a Meta Code Generator to help you with your pages even more.

Tag Types Available:

  • Standard Tags
  • Open Graph Tags ( for facebook, pinterest and sites that check for open graph tags )
  • Twitter Card Tags ( twitters tags they look for to populate clickable areas for posting )

We Guarantee this Software will meet and exceed your expectations or your money back.  We have gone through numerous hours of testing to ensure accuracy and functionality to fulfill your needs.

Sneaky Redirect Software

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$ 47
One Time Payment
  • Create Unlimited Redirects
  • Unlimited Page Inserts
  • Web Based Software Solution

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